I’m one of the finalists for Small Business Marketer of the Year!

Earlier this summer I printed out all of my marketing materials and handed them in as my application for the PowerCircle Small Business Marketer of the Year award. Yesterday I found out that I’m one of the four finalists, which means that today I will be presenting the whole shebang to the PowerCircle this morning. […]

The winner of the Small Business Marketer of the Year is…

Yesterday I was one of five finalists for the NM PowerCircle Small Business Marketer of the Year award. My application was a binder full of my daily emails. I explained the rationale behind my marketing plan and discussed how I use the stories from my life to keep people engaged and make a sale. But […]

The most entertaining marketer of the year

On Tuesday I was one of five finalists for the NM PowerCircle Small Business Marketer of the Year award.  The guy who went in front of me was the runner up for the award, but he really should have received an honorary award of “most entertaining presenter”. “Tall Paul” opened his speech with a card trick, and jokes, which […]

Pamm Meyers

Pamm Meyers was the fourth finalist for the PowerCircle NM Small Business Marketer of the Year award. Pamm is a social media consultant and event planner. ( Take a look at her website) A lot of companies know they can get more business if they post more and get more engagement online… the only problem is that it’s hard to make […]

Thank you, Titanides!

Sometimes, when you need it the most, you get the support and encouragement that you need. I want to thank the women in the Titanides for giving me a scholarship to attend the Titanides Live 2017 event. Let me fill you in about this secret female society… The world of direct response copywriting is without […]

Are you making it harder for your customers to buy?

If you’re NOT making it easy for customers to purchase from you, then you’re leaving money on the table. I want to help you fix that with Leadpages’ latest new feature, called Checkouts. Find out how Checkouts can boost your conversions. Leadpages just introduced this new Checkouts feature for their Pro and Advanced members. It […]

What’s the biggest barrier to you making more sales?

It’s one of the biggest mistakes I see marketers make. Overcomplicating the order process. Making it harder for prospects to give you their money. My friends at Leadpages have just launched a solution for that. It’s called Checkouts. You can read all the details about it here. It’s a long-standing fact in marketing that the […]

How Paco Got Us Out of a Tight Spot

We were stuck. While we slept, someone parked their dented rust bucket so close to our van that we couldn’t get out. Our friends were already on their way to the Taos Ski Valley, but we were in so tight, we had only inches to move and the curb was so steep that it blocked the […]

How to get more leads with landing pages

Craig Rhode is a digital marketer from Minnesota.  In this interview he explains how to grow a business with landing pages and get more leads. He also gives advice on how to get the best ROI from pay per click ads, how to retarget ads, and what to do when someone unsubscribes from your list (best […]

How to use landing pages to start a business; an interview with Tanya Brody

An efficient way to start a business is to build a landing page and get some people to join a list. A lot of businesses start that way, because ultimately, you need to have someone to sell to. In this interview, Tanya Brody explains how to use landing pages in the beginning stages of a business. Mandy:               Tanya, […]