Because I’m too Young for the Senior Discount

Just when I thought I would never catch a break and be able to collect random discounts for no reason… I got this baby in the mail. My student ID from Penn State! They sent it to me with a big reminder to use it to get student discounts wherever I go. Don’t mind if […]

Here is an Article I Wrote for an Upcoming Art Show

Tonight, one of my clients is hosting a reception to kick off an art exhibit in her gallery.  These events are good for her business, because it gives people a reason to come in and mingle, look at the art, and buy. Here is the article.  If you have an event coming up, or want to […]

Are You Being Strategic?

What I love the most about my first Strategic Communications class is the amount of planning that goes into each campaign. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t done that much planning in my career as a copywriter.  My biggest takeaway from the class is that you start by doing research into the […]

See How Easy it is To Raise Money on Your Birthday

I spent a week over the summer working with the high school marching band, and it was a fun and fulfilling experience. The kids were amazing. In a matter of days they memorized a great deal of music, improved their marching and are on a great start for the season.  I wanted to do something […]

Can you tell these are fake?

Call me old fashioned, but I’ve always thought that they were full and lush enough already. I’ve certainly never considered having them enhanced in any way. Never thought I needed it. But when I was getting ready to have my pictures taken, the photographer felt that something needed to be done to make the picture […]

These emails gave the whole sales team a boost

Early this year I wrote a series of emails for a solar company. The sales manager explained that he is completely confident making the sale once he gets the prospect on the phone. The problem is getting them on the phone.  People are so busy and overwhelmed these days, and nobody likes being sold… even […]

Monster Mice Interview with John Forde

John Forde is a copywriter who has made millions for his clients in the financial, health and travel industries and trains copywriters for companies like Agora. He is the co-author (with Michael Masterson) of Great Leads; The Six Easiest Ways to Start any Sales Message. I this interview John reveals some of his writing and […]

Monster Mice Interview with Brit McGinnis

Brit McGinnis is a multitalented copywriter, content creator, and social media expert. During this interview, she gives some excellent advice on how to write web content (and sound like a real person), how to manage a thriving Facebook community, and how to stand out from the crowd with personal branding. You can find her on […]

So stupid… it made me sick!

I wouldn’t believe that anyone would be this stupid if I hadn’t seen it for myself. Kids… and I’m not talking about toddlers here… teenagers… are eating Tide detergent pods for fun. It didn’t really hit home how pathetic and sad and scary this is until I saw a video of a young teenager on YouTube […]

I’m attending finishing school.

Recording a podcast is a lot like going to finishing school. At least, that’s what I like to tell David Wolf (my wonderful producer) whenever he gives me advice on how to sound more polished and professional during the show. Last week we had an interesting discussion about how to sound like an authority, even […]