Start making sales right from your landing page

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Leadpages just announced their latest breakthrough to help you make more sales. It’s called Checkouts-and it… is… groundbreaking. You can read about this new feature in detail here. Here’s what you need to know about this… Leadpages Checkouts now lets you take payments for whatever you’re selling directly on your landing page. Leadpages even lets […]

How small businesses can increase repeat sales with email newsletters

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Heather Robson is a copywriter and marketing consultant who specializes in content marketing, online sales copy, e-letter and email marketing. Why is it important for businesses to use an email newsletter? An e-newsletter lets you contact someone over and over again with a their permission. You become familiar. I’m sure most of your readers are probably […]

Reach More People with a Podcast; an interview with Tim Paige

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Tim Paige has a podcast called ConversionCast, which he does for Leadpages. During the show, he interviews respected marketers who each share a tactic that they have used to increase their revenue, grow their lists, and scale up their businesses. Thank you for your time, Tim. Tim: Absolutely. Thanks for having me here. Mandy: Tell […]