Business Success Doesn’t Just Happen…

It takes great products and insanely enthusiastic customers who come back again and again.


If you have a great product, but need customers, I can help.

I began my career at Ogilvy and Mather, one of the world’s biggest advertising company’s in New York City. I’ll admit, I wasn’t their top copywriter. My official title was “floating temp-receptionist.” While I was there I religiously wrote every day and spent time in the Ogilvy and Mather library, finding all about the history and the latest trends in advertising.

That workplace had a profound effect on me. I immediately adjusted the trajectory of my career by joining American Writers and Artists, Inc., where I learned how to to write persuasively and to use words to sell.

I help you communicate your message to your customers, and persuade them to take notice.


In 2008 my husband got a job as a physicist at Los Alamos National Lab, and we moved to New Mexico with our newborn, Calvin. I opened my freelance copywriting business that year, and therefore I will always compare the growth of my business to the growth of my kids – Calvin just started kindergarten and Gloria is enjoying every minute of preschool.

With my background in the arts (I have a double degree in English literature and trumpet performance from Lawrence University and Conservatory of Music) it made sense for me to begin my career by working for artists, writers, musicians and composers: I enjoy writing about people who work in the arts because they tell great stories as they grapple with the creative process every day.

I enjoy the challenge of getting more people to attend art openings and concerts, persuading people to donate money for a scholarships and other great causes, to hire local musicians, or to create buzz about new ideas.

My biggest goal is always to help my clients sell more and grow their business.

As I master classic copywriting principles that yield proven results I’ve branched out to other industries.


In the past year I have written for a restaurant, a realtor, a preschool and even a politician. My clients have one thing in common; they understand that a carefully crafted message can determine the success of their business.

Getting the word out can be difficult. I am fully aware that people tend to delete or ignore most of the emails they receive, and literally go through the mail while standing over the trash can. When I write advertising copy I make sure that every piece will grab the interest the target audience and move them to act.

I am constantly learning new ways to reach out to customers more effectively.

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