Feature Stories About The Newest Member of the Team

When you’re creating content for your website, interviewing the newest member of the team is a good place to start.  Why? First of all, they’re new. Which automatically makes them interesting. When you write a post about the new person, they feel special and welcome.  People in the company want to get to know them. When […]

It feels so Zen in here!

I spent time this afternoon getting rid of all the clutter on the shelf in my dining room. Now, the shelf is nearly bare, has no haphazard stacks of books, no toys, no papers, and no piles of loose change. It’s completely nonfunctional. Purely decorative. For some reason that makes me feel good about myself. […]

How to build a high-performing landing page

Monster Mice with special guest Craig Rhode In this episode Craig Rhode pulls back the curtain on how he creates high performing landing pages. How landing pages are different than your main website, and how to use them to sell more of your products. How to get the best ROI with your Facebook ads (most business […]