Tell your business story from the customer’s POV.

In a couple of days, you might find yourself sitting around the table, eating pie. Your cousin or uncle or nephew will be next to you making small talk, and you mention work. And a look of panic and confusion might sweep across their features… just before they ask, “What do you do, exactly?” Happens […]

My Thanksgiving travel tragedy.

The sound was like nails on a chalkboard. Worse. Metal on bare metal. The worst part about it was that I knew my brakes were worn down to a stub. And that was very bad news, considering that I was hoping to embark on a long car trip the next morning. I pulled into the […]

You mean I can get PAID to watch ads?

Do you ever skip ads? Everyone does. Adam Greenhood created AdWallet… and he will pay you to watch ads. Everyone does. As soon as the “Skip Ad” button appears on the screen your eyes are glued to it so you can pounce with your ad-skipping fingers the moment YouTube will let you. Most advertising people […]

In case you missed my digital marketing presentation…

Wednesday morning I gave a presentation on digital marketing at the Los Alamos Chamber Business Breakfast. If you didn’t make it, I’ll let you know what I talked about. I don’t think it makes sense for anyone to try to do every possible thing online. Rather, choose the two or three most profitable and useful marketing […]

Introducing a better way to promote an art exhibit.

I have a lot of experience promoting art. The trick is to get people to come to the gallery. And usually that involves planning events and parties revolving around the art. The problem is that people show up in droves for art openings, but once the opening reception is over it’s hard to get people to […]

She scoffed when I told her I write emails…

  I was in the Delray Beach Marriott. I had just wrapped up a solid two-hour networking extravaganza at the famous and insanely valuable Job fair at the end of AWAI’s Bootcamp. I was in the middle of a gaggle of copywriters waiting for the elevators. We were hyper and jazzed about our careers and the opportunities that […]

Was trick or treat on Mainstreet a SCARY waste of time?

I took my kids to Trick or Treat on Mainstreet last Friday with my kids. It was fun, but I couldn’t help but snicker behind my mask when business owners claimed that it was a good way to get in front of people and give back. Was it really? I remember being herded from booth to booth, my […]

A web designer I recommend.

I’m excited to be collaborating on some website projects with Karim Ardalan, the co-founder of Rapid Sites. I met Karim two years ago at a B2B Expo in Albuquerque. He helps small businesses create their website in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The only problem with that is that a lot of companies aren’t sure what […]

Help, it’s too tight!

Have you ever taken tried something on in the dressing room only to find out that not only is it too tight, but you’re stuck? And now everyone in the store will hear your cries for help as you try desperately to loosen the zipper and release yourself?? … yeah. Me neither. Well, something similar happened […]