What Toys Will Be in Your Store Window?

My friend Allison Collins is enjoying her new job at C.B. Fox.  And how could she not? It’s her job to decide what toys will be in the kids’ department.  You may not realize what a big deal it is to be the chooser of the toys. But I will say this to put it […]

Getting Paid to Watch Ads

“Why didn’t I think of that?” That’s what was going through my head the first time that I heard about AdWallet, a new company in Albuquerque that lets you get paid to watch ads.  As marketers, we spend so much time trying to get people’s attention, find the people who actually are interested in the product […]

See how easy it is to raise money on your birthday

I spent last week working with the high school marching band, and it was a fun and fulfilling experience. The kids were amazing. In a matter of days they memorized a great deal of music, improved their marching and are on a great start for the season.  I wanted to do something nice for them […]

Upcoming free communications workshop for non-profits

The Los Alamos Community Foundation invited me to give a presentation on Thursday, February 21st form 5-6 pm.  This free workshop is all about how to create an 8-Step Communication Plan for Non-Profits.  It will be held in the lecture hall (room 230) at the UNM-LA. Refreshments will be served.  Click here to read the article in […]

Creating an 8-Step Communication Plan for nonprofits

On Thursday, February 21st, I will be giving a free workshop on how to create an 8-Step Communication Plan for Non-Profits.  The free workshop is sponsored by the Los Alamos Community Foundation and will be held in the lecture hall (room 230) at the UNM-LA. Refreshments will be served.  Click here for more information and to […]

Setting the record straight

What do you do when someone publicly says something bad or wrong about your business? A lot of people might get upset or mad.  But Dr. Cliff Han (who is the inventor of AllerPops and one of my clients) didn’t get too worried when a doctor made what could have been a damaging claim about […]

Start here!

My son just had a birthday. He’s been talking about playing D&D with his friends, and wants to be the dungeon master.  I’ve played my fair share of D&D, but I was never a dungeon master so I wouldn’t be the best person to explain to my 11 year old how best to kill off […]

What to do when something’s not working…

The other day I was at a Networking group when I noticed that something wasn’t working on my website.It was the lead magnet, the little book on the side that people can download and when they do they join my newsletter (yes, this one).  It’s pretty important. So important that I don’t even want to […]

My fabulous younger self

Meanwhile, on Facebook: Everyone’s posting their first profile picture next to their most recent. Here’s my first profile picture, taken while I was sliding down a gorge in upstate New York with my dog, Snickers. Back then I was living in Manhattan, on the Columbia University campus because my husband was getting his Ph.D. in […]

Why it’s OK to repeat yourself

People are forgetful.  And when I say “people” I’m mainly talking about myself and my children… you might know some people like that too. This morning I was getting them ready for school. I had the lunches lined up on the table and was making a big pile of snow clothes while the middle one […]